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Ephedrine Sopharma buy 50mg 10 apullas.

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Ephedrine Sopharma buy 50mg 10 apullas.

Buy ephedrine Sopharma

Buy ephedrine Sopharma Due to its popular drive-enhancing sympathomimetic property, ephedrine has long been on the doping list.

The use of ephedrine HCL leads to a strong stimulation of the circulatory system, performance and alertness are greatly increased, tiredness disappears, and ephedrine also has an appetite-reducing property. The strong circulatory stimulation thermogenesis and appetite suppressant effect have contributed to the fact that ephedrine is also taken as a fat burner and as Clenbuterol.

HCL intake and dosage

In order not to cause unnecessary heart problems or heart growth, you should use this ECA stack for a maximum of one month. Simply inject 25-50mg about ten minutes before training sessions and get started.

ECA HCL Steroid Stack

The ECA HCL steroid stack made from ephedrine + caffeine + aspirin has been used by weight lifters for years to reduce body fat. Caffeine and asperine are regularly purchased in tablet form at pharmacies, often in combination with guaran.

Simply consume 25 to 50 mg of caffeine before training, as well as half to whole asperine or ASA. You will notice a crazy effect and start to sweat like in the sauna. To avoid muscle burnout, your heart rate should always be around 130.

Action and effect of ephedrine Sopharma

The effects of adrenaline can be compared to ephedrine. With one clear difference, the overall effect is weaker than that of adrenaline, but it lasts longer. Unlike adrenaline, ephedrine has less of an influence on the psyche, but a stronger influence on the cardiovascular system.



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